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SIGG Water Bottle MOVE MyPlanet Alu 0.75 L

SIGG Water Bottle MOVE MyPlanet Alu 0.75 L

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Do you need a drink of water even while you’re in fast-forward mode? To ensure you always remain in full control, the extremely light bottle only requires one hand for use. The look and feel of the bottle is also a thing of beauty, guaranteeing the perfect fit and hold and easy to open and close with just your mouth. Move MyPlanet is made in Switzerland from high-quality, 100% recycled aluminium, climate-neutral and free from BPA and phthalates. Did you know? After just fifth use, bottles made from recycled aluminium have a better carbon footprint than PET bottles.* The use of recycled materials and sustainability-inspired designs underline the importance of climate-protection.

* Average value per unit (production 2020). Calculation of a 1-litre PET bottle (assumption: packaging and logistics like aluminum bottle).

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Sustainability Matters.

It is our responsibility to create the environment that the future generations will live in.

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