Ventus Cycling Club

Cyclists wearing Ventus outfit


Join the Ventus Cycling Club and become part of a vibrant community of passionate cyclists who share a love for adventure, performance, and the open road. As a club member, you'll gain access to a host of exciting benefits, insider perks, and unforgettable opportunities to be an integral part of the Ventus brand.

Our Mission

Ventus Cycling Club mission is to have a home for all cyclists and athletes in general and empower them to conquer their goals of tomorrow. 


No one is stronger than all of us together!

Why Join the Ventus Cycling Club?

This club is all about helping as it consists of passionate, open-minded people, who are consistent and dedicated in a healthy sporty lifestyle. They believe in oneself and never give up. Never forget you have it within you to succeed.

A club with supportive people who share their passion with like-minded, positive and other people. Life has a way of adding distractions along the way, and we all need an extra push to achieve our goals.

Finally, we are here to tell you that you are amazing. You are an inspiration to others whatever your level of fitness or skills might be. Be authentic. Amazing people make the difference in other people's lives.

Ventus Cycling Club Benefits:

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on our latest cycling apparel, including jerseys, bib shorts, accessories, and more. As a club member, you'll have access to exclusive pricing, ensuring you're always geared up with the best in performance and style.

  • First to Know: Be the first to know about our newest product releases, limited editions, and upcoming collections. Stay ahead of the pack and never miss out on the latest innovations from Ventus.

  • Invitations to Events: Experience cycling like never before by attending exclusive Ventus events. From group rides to product launches and community gatherings, these events offer a chance to connect with fellow cyclists, share experiences, and create lasting memories.

  • Participate in Photoshoots and Video Shoots: Get the opportunity to showcase your passion for cycling by joining us at photoshoots and video shoots. Be featured in our promotional materials and become the face of Ventus, representing our brand's values and spirit.

  • Contribute to Articles and Content Creation: Share your knowledge, experiences, and insights with our cycling community by contributing articles and content creation. Whether it's writing about your favorite cycling routes, providing training tips, or sharing inspiring stories, your voice can inspire and empower fellow cyclists.

  • Support and Help Shape the Brand: Your feedback and ideas matter to us. As a club member, you'll have the opportunity to provide input, share suggestions, and help shape the future of Ventus. We value your support and believe in a collaborative approach that benefits both the brand and our passionate community.

  • Discount to race entries when and where available

Be part of a community that celebrates the joy of cycling, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and strives for excellence on and off the bike. Together, let's ride towards new horizons and embrace the freedom and adventure that cycling brings.