Tips to get fit while cycling

Tips to get fit while cycling

You don't get fit simply by riding your bike for few hours per week. It is really a combination of various activities and habits, in order to improve your performance or simply lose weight. Below is a list of tips you need to have in mind.

Develop your personal weekly plan, that you can follow through with and that goes step by step. Ride 50 km, then go for 100 km, sign up for a cycling event, improve your times on a climb, lose weight, etc.

Keep in mind that there is no universal plan for everyone, each person faces different kinds of stress at work, at home, etc. Therefore, the more personalized and individualized the plan, the better.

Be constant & consistent if you want to get fit only by cycling. You have to go on rides at least 2 or 3 times a week. A single ride that lasts the equivalent of 2-3 rides is not the solution. The more constant your efforts are the more consistent your physical fitness improvement will be in the medium- and long-term. 

Do some weekly interval training with high intensity to improve strength. For example:

  • Warm-up that lasts around 10 min
  • Ride 30 seconds at full throttle, and rest 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times.
  • Rest 10 minutes and repeat again.
If you see that it's getting harder the second time, do 20 seconds at full throttle with 40 seconds of rest.

These types of interval training sessions a couple of times a week will help you get in shape. Don’t forget about 48 hours of active or passive rest between each session.

A good recovery is always need for the best planning and solid workouts. Eat well and rest properly to prepare our body for the upcoming training after each effort. Eat foods with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, raw or roasted nuts (not fried and salted), legumes and eggs.

Stretching is the key to make you feel fresh. Take 10 minutes after each ride to keep your muscles flexible and make sure your body is ready for the next time you get on the bike. 

Finally, rest properly with a good night sleep that is essential for the body to recover after training. How much sleep do you need? It depends on the quality of your sleep. Perhaps 6 hours is enough for you to recover, but some people need at least 8 hours.

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