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Excursion to Cyprus destinations

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Throni of Panagia Kykkou

It is located northwest of the monastery of Panagia tou Kykkou (province of Nicosia), at an altitude of around 1450 m. It is directly connected to the adjacent monastery of Kykkos.

The site was also chosen by the first President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III (1950-1977), to build his tomb.

One of the cycling routes "challenge" since the long distance from where you start your ride is combined with a long ascent that exceeds 2000 meters.


Exploring the abandoned and desert settlement in Filani! A settlement located in the administrative territory of the village Politiko, Nicosia and is ruined.

It is said that its inhabitants would never abandon it, since the soil of their land had yielded wealth to their fields and their agricultural crops (vineyards, olives, etc.) until an infectious disease occurred and decimated them all. What a tragedy!

According to local testimonies, some of the best varieties of wine were produced in the area! Today, south of the ruins of Filani, the visitor can see a huge tree trunk, the oldest pine of the island!


Gerovasa is an abandoned village in the province of Limassol and is located 6 km west of the village of Mallia. In 1960 the majority of the inhabitants were Turkish Cypriots.

The community consists of two settlements, Gerovasa and Trozena. Essentially, these are 2 villages which are almost united with each other. In recent decades the community has been abandoned.


Rocks of Hassamboulia

The area of Rocks of Hassamboulia is located below the village of Trachypedoula and shortly after the villages of Mamonia and Kouklia.

These rocks almost embrace the road and leave you a narrow passage for passers-by to continue their course.

According to tradition, the "Hasamboulia", a gang of three brothers, was hiding at that point, stealing or killing passers-by. These brothers were Hassan, Mehmet and Hussein, who were terrorizing the villages of Diarizo with their criminal activity. They stole, raped and killed.

These are now a thing of the past and have only been written in history. The passage is there, and it is the perfect spot for a photo click!
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